Over 60 Egg-Cellent Egg Recipe Collection from Fellow Bloggers

Over 60 Egg-Cellent Egg Recipe Collection | Grow a Good Life
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It was spring and the chickens were increasing their egg production!

Two chickens out of seven began laying in the fall before the dark days of winter set in. They continued to lay once every other day or so. We were saving up the eggs collected to enjoy on the weekend. All of a sudden the nest boxes were busy as the girls waited in line for their turn. We started collecting three per day, then four, then five, then six! A half dozen of eggs a day adds up quickly.

With three-dozen eggs in the fridge and growing, I put a call out to my blogger friends to see if they would be willing to share recipes and uses for excess eggs. I am thankful that they heeded my plea and provided so many recipes to share and enjoy for every meal plus a few snacks as well:

Over 60 Egg-Cellent Egg Recipe Collection:







Three simple ingredients are all you need to make your own fresh, homemade egg noodles. If you keep a flock of chickens, egg noodles are a great way to use up your excess eggs.

60 Egg-cellent Egg Recipes | Grow a Good LifeIf the list above isn’t enough, here is a few more egg recipe roundups shared by fellow bloggers:

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I hope this egg recipe collection comes in handy for those of you with a lot of eggs to use. I know I will be trying many of these, as they sound so delicious. If you use any of the recipes, please consider letting the blogger know what you thought and how you found them by leaving a comment on their blog. I know they would love to hear from you.

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22 thoughts on “Over 60 Egg-Cellent Egg Recipe Collection from Fellow Bloggers

  1. Jessica

    Great recipes! I’ve got plans running through my head now. Make sure you share something at the blog hop this Friday. I love your content and writing style. MEMama3 (BYC)

  2. daphnegould

    I loved the title how to make a quiche without a recipe title. That is just what I do too. I use 1/4c milk (I use soy) to one egg. You can pretty much do anything from there and use any size dish too. Just pile things up in the crust layering whatever cheese you like with veggies and or protein (though first cook things that release moisture like mushrooms, and squeeze the liquid out of cooked greens).

    1. Rachel Post author

      Daphne, I have a feeling we will be having quiche a lot and will make it with whatever we have on hand. So this recipe will come in handy until I get the hang of it.

  3. Jean

    Rachel, What a great idea! I will definitely bookmark this wonderful list of recipes. My favorite ways of using eggs are frittatas and souffles; I also love grilled cheese and egg sandwiches with a cup of soup for lunch.

    1. Rachel Post author

      Jean, Grilled cheese and egg sandwiches are a favorite here too! I know I will be trying so many different quiche and frittata recipes. This list will keep things interesting.

  4. Karen

    There is a great 12-egg pound cake recipe on youtube under Sweet Melissa’s Catering. To use up more eggs, I use 14 egg yolks plus 5 whole eggs instead of the 12 whole eggs; then use the 14 whites in angel food cake (12) and seven-minute frosting (2).

    1. ©Rachel Arsenault Post author

      Lauren, Chicken pudding sounds like a meal that was commonly served using fresh, available ingredients in the 1800s. A great addition to the list. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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