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Adding to Our Flock of Backyard Chickens

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Our first flock of chickens turns three this year. They have provided us with delicious eggs, manure for the garden, and endless hours of entertainment with their individual personalities and chicken antics. Keeping backyard chickens turned out to be so much fun that we decided to add three more to the flock this year.

Introducing The New Kids in the Flock

Emily, the Silver Laced Wyandotte, Phoebe, the Easter Egger and Claire, the Cuckoo Marans:

Adding Chickens to the Flock | Grow a Good Life
A few days old: From Left to Right: Emily, Phoebe, and Claire.

The new girls have moved from the indoor brooder to a small coop we built earlier this spring. It is located near the big coop so both flocks can see and interact with each other. The new girls love their new home:

Adding Chickens to the Flock | Grow a Good Life
Exploring their new home.

Once they moved to the new mini-coop, it took them almost a week before they gathered up enough courage to venture outside into their pen. They sat at the door looking out and egging each other on to be the first to take a step on the ramp. Eventually, I sat inside the pen and talked with them until one by one they came out:

Adding Chickens to the Flock | Grow a Good Life
Gaining courage to venture outside.

Finally, they were running up and down the ramp and enjoying fresh grass, sunshine, and dust bathing:

Adding Chickens to the Flock | Grow a Good Life

Adding Chickens to the Flock | Grow a Good Life

The new pullets will be introduced to the original flock gradually over the summer. I am hoping for a smooth transition, but I expect some drama as the pecking order is adjusted to accommodate the new members.

You can learn more about keeping backyard chickens at our sister site: ImaginAcres.

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  1. They are beautiful, and I love their names ๐Ÿ™‚ . We’re always a bit anxious with the introduction process, and very relieved when it’s finally done.

  2. How I wish I could have chickens! My former neighbors had chickens and I used to chicken sit when they were out of town. Magic! When we moved to a new state one of my goals was to have chickens of my own but our property isn’t suited for it. Have fun and enjoy those fresh eggs!

  3. They are lovely! Definitely the smaller the space, the more trouble you will have introducing them. With free rangers, there generally isn’t a problem. It normally only takes a day or two for them to settle into their new pecking order, unless you have a real bully. Good luck!

  4. To help with our transition last summer with the new pullets we started by letting them free range together and after a couple weeks they just naturally went together. As long as they have plenty of space when enclosed they will be ok once introduced. If you do have a bully you can always separate her for a few days to a week until the pecking order has been adjusted. Hope it goes well! Love the names ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks so much for the advice, Emelia! I think we are almost at that point now. The older girls free range for part of the day and they have been getting to know each other through the fence. I want to try getting them together in a larger fenced in area to see what happens. I am glad to know this went smoothly for you. I am a bit nervous about it.

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