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The Chick’s First Day Out

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The chicks are 3 weeks old and their first feathers have grown in on their wings and tail. Fuzz is now being replaced with feathers on their backs. They are looking less like chicks and more like mini-chickens now. Chicks usually feather out at 5-weeks depending on their breed and temperature. We completed the chicken run this week just as the sun emerged from the overcast skies. The air warmed and the grass dried out providing a perfect afternoon for the chick’s first day outside:

Chicks First Day Out

I went in the pen with them and removed them from the brooder one by one and placed them on the grass. They stayed huddled close together near me for a while as I sat on a stool and took some photos. After a little while, I left the pen and allowed them to explore their new surroundings.

Little by little they gained confidence and courage:

Running Around, Searching for Bugs, and Scratching at the Grass

Eating and Drinking

Enjoying the Grass and Warm Sun
The area under the coop is shaded and they hesitated to go under for a while. Once they did, they discovered that it was a very nice place to be.

There is some soil around the bricks and the chicks began rolling, scratching, and dust bathing. I think they will hang out here often.

They had a blast!

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